Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers (Non-Proceedings)

Workshop Papers and Presentations (Lightly Reviewed)

  • [WP.4] Dixon E., Shetty A., Pimento S., and Lazar A. (2021) “Lessons Learned from Remote User-Centered Design with People with Dementia.” Springer series, Design for Inclusion. Proceedings of the 2021 Dementia Lab Conference.
  • [WP.3] Dixon E., Lazar A. (2020). “Utilizing a Participatory Action Research Method to Investigate the Trustworthiness of Online Dementia Health Information.” Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (AMIA)
  • [WP.2] Dixon E., Lazar A., (2020). “The Perspectives of People with Dementia on End of Life Care Planning.” Workshop on HCI at End of Life and Beyond at the ACM Conference on Human Factors and Computing Systems (CHI).
  • [WP.1] Scharett E., Rogers H., (2017). Identifying Information Sought by Alzheimer’s Caregivers using a Content Analysis of Presented at the 2017 South Carolina Aging Research Network Conference. First Prize in Research Presentations.
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